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Horacio Bustos

Autodidact.Born in Buenos Aires-Argentina in 1939
1965 live 2 years in Paris-1978 Buenos Aires "Lagard Gallery" Individual show of pictures-1979 Buenos Aires "Hoy en el Arte Gallery"-1979 Buenos Aires "Sociedad Hebraica Argentina"-1979 Buenos Aires "Praxis Gallery" Premium young painter-1980 Buenos Aires "Arthea Gallery" premium young painter-1980 Buenos Aires -Premium "Salon Anual de Artes Plasticas of "Direccion de Cultura"-1981 Buenos Aires "Primer Salon Filatelico Argentino ESPAMER 81"-1981 Buenos Aires "Salon Municipal Manuel Belgrano" section picture-1981 Buenos Aires "Salon Municipal Manuel Belgrano" section monograph-1982 Buenos Aires "Salon Municipal Manuel Belgrano" section picture-1982 Buenos Aires"Planetarium of the Buenos Aires City" Individual show of pictures-1982 Bogota-Colombia "Diners Gallery" Individual show of pictures and sculptures-1983 Washington-EEUU-OEA:Auction for earthquake in Popayan-Colombia-1983 Buenos Aires "Salon Municipal Manuel Belgrano" section pictures-1983 Bogota-Colombia"Diners Gallery" Individual show of pictures and sculptures-1984 Buenos Aires"De Benedictis Gallery" individual show of pictures-1985 Buenos Aires"Museo de Arte Moderno" individual shaw of pictures:"Landscapes of New Yrork"-1986 Rio de Janeiro-Brasil"Bonino Gallery"show of latinamerican paiters-1986 Buenos Aires Third Premiun "Petroleum Salon"-1986 Gainesville-Florida-EEUU "Four Contemporary Argentines Painters"-1986 Santa Fe-Argentina-"Annual Salon of Plastic Arts"-1986 Buenos Aires "Egea Gallery" individual show of painters and sculptures-1988 "Rubers Gallery" individual show of pictures-1991 "Rubers Gallery individual show of pictures-1994 Bogota-Colombia "Alfred Wild Gallery" Latinamericans painters-1996 Guatemala "El Tunel Gallery" Five Argentines Artists-1997 "Forma Gallery" individual show of the last 15 years-1998 Buenos Aires "Palais de Glace "Bienial of Sacred Art"-1999 "Vyp Gallery" individual show of pictures and sculptures-2005 Buenos Aires "De Santis Gallery" individual show of pictures-2008 Buenos Aires "Palais de Glace" individual stand with sculptures

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