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Agim Meta

I was born in Albania in the year 1965.

1982-1986 school of Fine arts Fier (Albania)

1986-1990 university of Fine arts Tirana (Albania)

In 1990 personal exhibition in Tirana (Albania)

1992-1994 three personal exhibitions in Landsberg (Germany)

1995-2003 several personal exhibitions in Tirana and Fieri (Albania)

2003 personal exhibition in Bari (Italy)

2008 collective exhibition in Gallery Oldrado Da Ponte.Lodi (Italy)

2008 collective exhibition in Il Bracolo Galleria d'Arte Contemporanea.Roma(Italy)

2008 collective exhibition in Real Sito Belvedere di San Leucio.Teano(Italy)

2008 collective exhibition in Symposium XXI.Milano (Italy)

I am inspired by my knowledge of Psychoanalytical and Philosophy.

I paint the things that cannot see the human eye.I look at what passes in the depths of our body and mind

From 2004 I am living and painting in Palm of Majorca (Spain).

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